And that's when I walked into a small coffee table . . .

photo by  @mikeysim  

photo by @mikeysim 

Huge thanks to the Cambridge Union and The Sunday Papers Live for letting me waffle on about midlife meltdown, parenting and identity crises, while drinking Bloody Marys and walking into the furniture. 

Like a PRO.

The whole event was beautifully organised by My Little Festival, the audience were a Sunday delight, and all in all I hope it's an event that will come back to Cambridge again soon. 

My next visit to the Union will be on Monday 17th October, when I'm talking about mental health to the students from Cambridge University. 

For an hour. 
No biggie, then . . .

(PS My new venture, Headcase, is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Please check it out if you care about mental health at all. Which you should. No but really, you should.
Thank you!)

Headcases at the Union

Sunday Papers LIVE!