Sunday Papers LIVE!

Sunday Papers LIVE!

Sitting down to the read the Sunday papers?
Got your coffee, your Sunday chill music and your favourite weekend T-shirt on?

I admire your optimism.

Because we all know how this will actually go;

just before you’ve had a chance to even rip the plastic off the supplements or open the Style section to reveal a lifestyle you’ll never have and clothes you can’t afford, your children will start World War Three over whose turn it is on the Playstation, your mum will call to tell you about the dreadful state of the lawn after all the rain, and as you get up to leave the room and cry into your navel, you'll spill your (now freezing) coffee all over the article about Winonda Ryder’s big comeback that you were saving just in case reading it made your more elfin and fascinating, like her.

Welcome to a normal Sunday morning.

BUT NOW . . .  imagine this;
Having the Sunday papers read to you.

No, better – performed to you . . . by the people who write it.

Even better still, imagine having an onsite area for your kids to play while you relax, listen, drink (hot) coffee, chill with friends, laugh, grab a Bloody Mary if you fancy it, and then some Sunday brunch.
All while listening to the Sunday papers.


Sounds like a bloody good plan to me.
And this is exactly what the Sunday Papers Live is.

An ingenious idea, which, according to their website, “…came out of a conversation in 2012 between two festival producers Ben DeVere & Joshua Greene - how to recreate the atmosphere of our festival discussion tents in a city”, the Sunday Papers live works upon the assumption that everyone is interested in everything.”

I love this assumption, and I think it’s true. It’s just a question of getting the information out there in a way people can actually receive and enjoy.
Which is exactly what the Sunday Papers Live does

And now, the PLUG:

I’m going to be performing (?), reading (?), DOING the family section of the Sunday Papers on the 2nd of October, on its first exciting outing to Cambridge, live at the Cambridge Union.

It's kind of a talk, but I might also break into yodelling. We'll see how it goes.
I've never been in the Union before, but I hear Winston Churchill, Judi Dench, Stephen Hawking and Tim Minchin have.

Do please come along a have a laugh at my expense. There's a Bloody Mary stand (OH, HELLO) and the best burgers Cambridge has ever seen, flipped freshly by the awesome Steak & Honour boys, so really, you can just ignore me and enjoy a fab Sunday brunch instead.

Also performing are Azadeh MoaveniAnna Bassi, Sarah Woods and Lee Gordon.

If you missed my Edinburgh stand-up show then this is a good chance to see how lucky you were. Mainly, it'll be you and me just us having a good laugh and a natter at the madness of modern family – while our children are outside drinking vodka and killing Pokemon.

A PERFECT Sunday morning, I think you’ll agree.
See you there.





And that's when I walked into a small coffee table . . .

And that's when I walked into a small coffee table . . .