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So you remember that thing with the venture capitalists from yesterday?
Well. . . 

Off I trogged to London on the train, and then walked down through Bloomsbury - a trek I've done about a thousand times and I love it every time because it has fancy black railings and pretty tiled steps leading up to back shiny doors, and elegant squares with grass and trees in them, and Virginia Woolfe lived there and I am quite a lot in love with her - to Mayfair. 

Mayfair is London for 'Posh'.
How posh? Well, the first shop I walked past sells luxury yachts. 
That posh enough for you? 
People charter helicopters in Mayfair to get from one side of New Bond Street to another. 

Amazingly, it's not a part of London I usually go to. I'm more Soho, jeans, Converse and sweat. 
In Mayfair, even the sweat is posh.

I arrived late, largely because I got side-tracked trying to decide which yacht I can't buy, and then I couldn't get in the building because it was huge and made of glass, and I am small and not make of glass, and I couldn't see a bell or a door knocker (it turns out that huge, glass buildings in Mayfair don't have bells and door knockers. HOW DO THEY DROP IN FOR TEA??). Then I banged my forehead on the window while I was trying to peer in, until a nice lady took pity on me and came to let me and my swollen forehead in. 

And then it....just happened. 

I talked about Headcase, the amazing response it has had so far, where I see the business going, my plans for it, its use to millions of people, the good it will do and the little sweatbands I want made with my face printed on them so people can wipe me under their arms while they run.
They listened, they nodded, they politely ignore the fact that when I leaned forward to talk while waving my hands excitedly - because my mother is Czech and that's What They Do - my shirt fell open and one of my boobs started trying to escape by slithering onto my lap.

And after all that head banging and arm waving, I am very very chuffed to announce that Headcase now has backing, a new team coming on board, and we are about to re-launch, re-vamp and RE-AWESOME. 

I celebrated this HAPPY HAPPY NEWS by going straight to the bathroom and splashing water all over my crotch. 
I am a now company director, with INVESTORS!! I'll splash water on any part of my clothing I want. 

I walked back to Kings Cross with what could best be described as a spring in my Converses.
Bloomsbury had never looked so beautiful.

And now I have two things to say to you, my friends;

1.     NEVER. GIVE. UP. Ever ever ever ever. (I mean on Life. If you have an idea that you think is the absolute dogs, but everyone you know is telling you is the most dumbass idea they’ve ever heard, then maybe, just maybe you should give up and move on.) Yes, you might hit the bottom at some point. Possibly even at several points. But that’s OK. That really is part of almost everyone’s life. When you’re ready, use that bottom to push against, HARD, and launch yourself back up. Because you WILL come back up. Even if it feels impossible for a long time. 

2.     Always stand back from the basin when you turn a tap on.

You are super welcome to follow Headcase on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook now, to see it all come together and be a part of it from the start. There will also be podcasts starting very soon.

And before long you’ll be able to get your armpits on that fabulous sweatband you’ve always wanted, with my face on it.

You are SO welcome.


Lastly, THANK YOU for bearing with me while I went through the most epic fuckstorm of my life, dropped all my balls, stopped replying to messages and calls, nearly died, and was generally less useful than a door-knocker on a 65-storey building in Mayfair.

A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step, and all that.  It would appear that I've just taken mine.
I'm very glad you're still here to walk with me. 

Mums' bottoms up

Mums' bottoms up

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