Countdown starts HERE...

Countdown starts HERE...

So. News. 

In case you've somehow managed to miss my social media onslaught over recent months, I am finally launching Headcase THIS MONTH.


This is so terrifying I can't quite put it into words (most of it is going into my pants instead) but it's also very very exciting and wonderful, and I can't WAIT to go live. 

Headcase is going to smash the face of mental health forever, and make it as easy to talk about as anything else in your life. Because, quite frankly, pretty much everyone you know has some kind of mental health issue at some point in their lives, and yet we all shuffle about pretending we're fine, and not talking about it. 

This is madder than madness itself. So Headcase is about to change all of that. 

And in order to make this kick-ass mental health revolution happen, we need YOU. 
Headcase is about all of us, and what goes on in our heads. The more stories we can share, experiences we can talk about and everyday mental health issues we can expose, the more we can help to make this vital and much-needed change. 
We've had LOADS of emails from people wanting to take part, write, contribute in some way - it's been amaaaazing. 
And we haven't even launched yet!

But we want more. Because we're greedy like that. And because it all helps. 

There are lots of ways you can contribute and become a Headcase hero. Here are some for starters:

1. 60 Seconds With. This is a lovely column on Headcase, which quickly and simply highlights some of the MANY mental health issues millions of us live with. The Qs are below. Just scroll down to see them. If you want to take part, just fill them in and send them to us at

2. The Me You Don't See. his is a really important aspect of Headcase - making people aware that what you SEE isn't always what the person is really feeling. And making people more empathetic and ready to be a little kinder to the those around them. 
Send us approx 400 words telling us what you do for a job, how you portray yourself...and then, what you're REALLY thinking and feeling behind that façade. If you can include your AGE that would help, only because it's important to show that this can affect anyone, at any stage of life. 

3. If you want to write a column, a one-off blog, suggest great books or films or websites that have helped you in moments of mental health struggle, then we want to hear about them!

That's it for now. Here are the Qs. I will be SO SO happy if you want to take part.
Thank you in advance, and remember:

we are going to make a HUGE change to the way mental health is seen, talked about, understood and dealt with. For all of us. Please spread the word. 

You can follow Headcase on Twitter here: 

on FB here:

and on Instagram here:




 ·      Name, age, occupation.
·      Mood today?
·      Wine, coffee or green smoothie?
·      3 vices.
·      3 virtues
·     What’s the best thing anyone has ever said to you?
·      If you weren’t a *** (writer, teacher, PR manager, builder etc) what would you be?

1.    What’s in your Headcase? (i.e. what is the mental health issue you have suffered with)

2.    When did you first notice things might not be quite….’right’.

3.    What were the symptoms/what happened?

4.    How did you feel? i.e. worried, scared, confused, in denial etc

5.    Do you know why it started?

6.    Did you know what it was, or what to do?

7.    How long did you wait before telling anyone? 

8.    Who did you talk to? 

9.    What help did you get?

10. What happened then? 

11. How are you now?

12. What was the moment you remember things changed for the better? 

13. Who helped you the most? 

14.What is the best piece of advice you were given? 

15. What worked best for you? (talking, therapy, drugs, a life change, CBT etc)

16.What you would say to anyone who is suffering similar things, or to yourself in that state? 

17.What’s the biggest change in mental health you would like to see?

18. If you could say anything to your mental health issue, what would it be (as rude as they like!) 


·      Each interview needs a photo.
·      Ideally, showing your face, as Headcase is all about changing the face of mental health.
·      HOWEVER, if you don’t want that, then that’s OK!
·      An shot of your hands, shoes, body from waist to chin etc would be fine.
·      Think Instagram, not a dull, boring ‘head-shot'. Headcase is waaaaaay cooler than that. 
·      Using iPhone etc is fine
·      Please email it attached to the interview as a jpeg, marked ’60 seconds photo + NAME’
·      Colour is fine, as we will put it through a filter to make them all the same.

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