Photo by  Mike Sim

Photo by Mike Sim


As those of you who’ve been following my scribblings here, and in various magazines and papers, it’s been a funny old few years.

A marriage break up.
A mental breakdown.
A business breakthrough.
And a whole lot more in between.

But after the storm, comes the sun.
And HOW!

In a turn of events I can only describe as WHAT THE??? I have fallen head over heels in love with the most beautiful, kind, funny, bearded, giant-nosed Scottish man. 

We first met in a café in Cambridge about 5 years ago, when I ordered a hot skinny cappuccino from him. (As luck would have it he was the barista there, not a customer. So that was a good start.)

What arrived, was a mediocre cappuccino at best, with what looked like a horribly mis-shapen penis on top, served dour.
I hadn't even wanted to go in there in the first place, as it was for a deeply boring meeting that I didn't want to have - so much so that I almost didn't go. 

I'm SO glad I did.
It turned out to be the best £2.50 I’ve ever spent.

Scroll forward to today and the barista's cappuccino skills have progressed to Really Not Bad At All, Mate. (He’s actually a professional photographer, so we’ll let him off.)
Almost as importantly, we are in love, happy, we live together, my children consider him a very close friend, and tell him all the things they don't tell me.
Which is kind of handy, really. 

In terms of Things I Never Thought Would Happen In My Life go, all of this ticks pretty much every box.
Except one;
and now even that one has been ticked – and I can finally share it with you!

Almost exactly 20 years since the birth of my first child, and 14 years since my last,


At the (perfectly ripe) age of 42.
I can hardly believe it!

Due in December, this little miracle is now 4 months cooked, and I have officially entered the world of geriatric motherhood. Whoop!

I am absolutely over the MOON to be able to share this news with you. It has stunned me completely and made me happier than I ever thought I would be again.
It’s also made me throw up EVERY SINGLE DAY day for 3 months – cheers for that, my love - and feel like a soiled dishcloth, but hey.

Small price to pay, really, for having a CHILD, and a second huge bite at the happiness cherry.

So there we are. 
Liz Fraser, parenting author and broadcaster, runner, mental health campaigner, mother of three teenagers and all round loon, is about to be a mum again.

And she could not be happier.

You should probably now prepare for a LOT of writing, photos, posts and articles about all this, coming from me. 
And a lot of questions too - so much has changed since I last did this, I'm not sure I'll know the front end of a pram from the back any more!

To all of you other 40+ mums (and dads!) out there – welcome. 
We are AWESOME, and I can’t wait to go through this incredible journey, twenty years after my first time, share it with you, and hear about your experiences too.

The 40+ Club is officially open. And we are both SO happy to be in it.

Liz x

Is it ever OK to kiss children on the lips?

Is it ever OK to kiss children on the lips?