Blogs they are a-comin'!

Well Hells, YOUKNOWWHAT?  

You guys have been so absolutely bloody AWESOME-TASTIC about my pregnancy news!!

Honestly, you're the BEST. 

So first up I want to say thank you. 

Really. Thank you so, so much for all the beautiful, kind, positive, supportive, loving, funny, helpful and general hugely kick-ass comments and messages that have flooded into my various in-boxes in the last week.

It totally stunned me, and felt like getting a huge and much-needed hit of YES I CAN! 

You've already been a source of immeasurable positivity at a time when, quite honesty, after 3 months of vomiting every day, a fairly major bike crash followed by concussion and a cracked shoulder, a tooth abscess, the enormity of launching a business while puking every few hours and not being able to tell anyone, moving house pretty much single-handedly, being filled with hormones that have already made me feel like a bag of saturated shit much of the time, and dealing with more personal stress than anyone should have to deal with at any time, let alone when they're supposed to be celebrating such happy news (!!) I wasn't exactly at my emotional best.

And then, like an unexpected aisle seat with extra leg-room and free G&Ts on tap, YOU LOT CAME ALONG. 

Turns out there are loads of you out there who have been through similar, and it's been a fantastic experience for you. Just to know that, and to know a) I'm not alone b) I'm not geriatric and c) it can be WONDERFUL, has been one of the most uplifting things that has happened to me for ages - you are ALL awesome, and I'm so bloody chuffed to be a part of this 40+ Club, with such great people in it.



Now that news of my pregnancy is officially OUT THERE, I'm going to dust down my blogging hat and start charting this journey. 
Yes, I got the J-word in. Deal with it. 

Weekly, daily, whenever it comes, I'll be posting my diary of this 4th, totally unexpected and what feels at times to be almost miraculous pregnancy.

And yes, there will be pictures of my naked bump. And other parts. Deal with that too. 

There's an Instagram account to go with it, @fortyfortybaby, for those who can't be arsed reading more than 20 words and like their socials in picture form (fair enough, I do too), and I'll be posting pictures, blogs, vlogs, reviews of things I've tried out, and generally a run-down of the whole thing from the day I found out, to . . . well, after the birth. 

Argh. Birth! Damn, I forgot about that bit. It'll be fine, right?? Yeah. Let's not talk about it yet. 

A LOT has changed since I had my first baby 20 years ago, and I'm looking forward to going through (most of) it again now. I want to hear YOUR experiences, your tips and your stories too. Because the more we share it, the more we help others going through it.
And we can have a bloody good laugh along the way. 

Motherhood Part 4, here we come. 

I must be mad. So come and be mad with me. 


Is it ever OK to kiss children on the lips?