'Three Teens and a Baby' goes live!

It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, to have a national newspaper column. 
And on 4th January, this dream comes true, with the first in a year-long series of columns I will be writing for the Telegraph.

Called 'Three Teens and a baby - the Diary of a Gap Mum', it is, somewhat unsurprisingly, the diary of the year in which, at the age of 43 and with older children aged 20 17 and 14, I have become a 'gap mother' - with a new baby and a gap of 15 years between the two youngest. 

AM I MAD??! ;)

It's a very fitting day to be announcing this happy news, as my eldest is celebrating her 20th birthday today....and my youngest is exactly 6 weeks old.
I'm straddling both ends of the parenting spectrum, from nappies to University applications, and it's one of the most crazy, exhausting and fantastic experiences I could (never!) have imagined I'd have. 

Click HERE to read the trailer all about it, in last weekend's paper.

It all kicks off tomorrow, with Column No 1.
I hope you will REALLY enjoy reading them all as they develop over the adventurous year, laugh, maybe cry, and forgive me my occasional bout of swearing and the odd typo. I'm sleep-deprived, OK?! Ha. 

As ever, I would love to hear your feedback - and especially to hear from those of you who have also had this experience of motherhood twice, with a big gap between the two.

If you're a parent who did it, the child who has a huge gap between you and your older or younger siblings, the partner of someone who did it, or even the grandparent of the '2nd batch', I's love to hear from you - already lots of you have been in touch, with some amazing life stories! - we are by no means alone, and the number of people 'gap parenting' is ever growing.

It's a fantastic thing to be able to do - though at 2am when I'm feeding a baby, or when my teenagers are having massive hormonal melt-downs or grunting at me from behind closed doors, it's occasionally hard to remember that! 

Right, must dash. My breasts are out to explode, which means someone needs feeding very soon. Most probably my child. 

See you in the Telegraph tomorrow!



Three Teens and a Baby - UNCUT. Part 1.

Three Teens and a Baby - UNCUT. Part 1.