High-five high chair JOY

High-five high chair JOY

Review: East Coast wooden folding high chair. 


OK, so let’s talk about WEANING.
No wait….let’s talk about STYLISH weaning.

OH YEAH, (fish-finger-smeared) baby.

Fact 1: feeding a baby/toddler is a frickin’ nightmare, unless you love getting food smeared into your hair, down your clothes (and theirs) and all over the floor. 

Fact 2: it’s much easier to feed said baby/toddler when they are safely straight-jacketed into a high chair, instead of balancing precariously on your lap, rolling about on the floor, strapped into a bungee jump harness, on your shoulders, attempting to karate-chop their way out of a buggy or anything else I’m sure you’ve tried. 

Fact 3: high chairs tend to be huge, ugly and cumbersome, and generally occupy about 95% of the remaining area of your living space which isn’t already occupied by a buggy, 700 toys, 150 chewed board books, a tricycle, a cot, a bouncy chair, a baby bath, and 18 empty bottles of gin.

Fact 4: not everyone lives in a fuck-off huge mansion in Hampstead with a kitchen the size of a football pitch. Weird, I know.

And not hideous ones either – like, NICE ones. Wooden ones. With a nice wooden tray, and nice wooden legs, and nice wooden wood. 

This revelation was huge to me. The idea of one minute being able to have a high chair in my kitchen and THEN, in a swift movement of clicky-click-fold-ta-DAAAAAA!!! suddenly NOT have a high chair in my kitchen, and then, wait for it…BOOM, have a high chair again (!!) was a total game-changer.

And just LOOK at it. Kinda pretty huh?


This news of EPIC JOY was brought to my attention by the awesome people at East Coast Nursery.

They’ve been making nursery equipment since the ‘70s, and one of their showcase products is their beautiful, foldable wooden high chair. I’ve used one since my littlest was big enough to start using one, and I love it so much I folded it up (obvs) drove it 1000 miles across Europe in a van, and installed it in its new home in Venice. 

I’m bloody glad I did, because my baby is now nearly one and a half, and she loves it. 

So do I because;

1.  it’s crazy-easy to clean thanks to its built-in, almost flat ‘tray’ bit.

2.  it folds away in 2 easy moves, meaning my kitchen doesn’t have to look like a nursery 24 hours a day. 

3.  It’s a really stylish, elegant piece of furniture in its own right, so when I don’t fold it away it still looks kick-ass in our kitchen.

4.  The wood makes any clattering and banging so loved by toddlers, much softer and quieter

5.  It was made by an independent, family-owned, award-winning company who like to make babies happy - which makes me happy. 

So all in all, it’s a huge WIN.

The only thing I find a bit fiddly and not brilliant is the harness, because I’m probably being really thick and not doing it properly, but I do find it’s often ‘upside down’, and I can’t fit it quickly in the right way when I’ve got a wriggly baby in there. But as i say. I’m sure that’s ME, not the high chair.
Also, being wooden it’s quite heavy. Not a problem for me, as i don’t generally….carry my highchair to the park with me. But though I’d just let you know. You’re welcome.

So if you want a lovely, practical, pretty, safe, very high-quality high chair from which your baby can launch peas at the floor, go check East Coast Nursery out – they make and sell tons of other fab stuff too. 

Venice, baby

Venice, baby