The Eleven Mum Tribes of 2018; I love the huge new diversity of motherhood these days - Gone is stereotypical '50s or '70s Mum. Now, whatever kind of mum you want to be, there's a group of supportive, like-minded women out there doing it just like you. And ABOUT TIME TOO!  Telegraph March 2018


Running in Pregnancy; yes, I did. No, it didn't do my baby any harm.
Here's my no-bullshit guide to what's ACTUALLY safe, what's not, and what, as a pretty serious runner, works for me, might not for you, but does for MANY pregnant women - so they can enjoy it!
Runner's World, January 2018. 


Stressed and exhausted? Spot the signs of burnout before it hits you:


Facing fears, faking confidence, and the importance of pauses: What stand-up taught me about success in business…and in life.