I am growing a kidney bean

8 weeks.

So according to @babycentre 's website, to which I am now pretty much glued every day, inside this body right here is a 2cm long baby.

In THERE?? Wow. OK. 

This week marks the end of its 'embryonic stage', apparently, and it's now the size of a kidney bean. 
It doesn't specify if this kidney bean is soaked or dry, but let's go with soaked. It's pretty wet in there.

In further bonkersness, the fingers and toes have already formed, and for now, they are webbed. And there I was, thinking her dad was from Fife, not Norfolk. (Oh ho ho. Sorry. Shit Fenland joke. I'm pregnant - I'm allowed.)

The heart is beating at a high-octane 160 beats per minute - I think mine is too, just learning about all this! ❤️

The fabulous news is that I still feel extremely sick much of the day, and running is now pretty darned difficult just from the constant sickness, lack of EATING anything and having so little energy it's like having all my energy DRAINED out of me, so I'm finding that really hard.

I know I have a whopping 8 months ahead of me, and that the last 4 of those can be SO tough, physically - this is supposed to be the easy bit! So it's pretty disheartening to be feeling so rough already. I want to be running NOW, while I can - and enjoy it! 

Instead, I'm lying on the sofa feeling so sick I can barely open my eyes, not being able to eat or drink, losing weight, and feeling so exhausted I can't do anything - while setting up an imminent business launch, looking after 3 teenagers and preparing to move house in 2 months. YAY. 

Didn't realise kidney beans were so much work! 

I also think we're both bursting to TELL somebody about our baby news. Just to be able to talk to SOMEONE. I think he especially needs that. He's so so excited about it all, and he can't share it. That doens't seem fair on him at all. Maybe this week we'll tell one friend each, and have someone to call on, and weep down the phone to. 

They'll love that, I'm sure. 

And maybe I will buy some better pants 👍

Boombox is born

Seeing is believing . . .