10 weeks

10 weeks! Double digit weeks! This feels GOOD. 

Here's what I don't understand;
why oh why oh WHY do pregnancy websites tell you how big your baby is, using examples that

a) mean nothing to most normal people and
b) are of varying size???

This week, Week 10, my baby is 'the size of a kumquat.' I mean...WTF? 🙄How big is that?!
And what if it's a small kumquat?? Or a huge one? I dunno. 

What I DO know is that while I can't see a bump yet, I CAN see things sort of...flattening out a bit. Less concave than normal. Sort of pre-menstrual, but obviously not so! 

I also know that for something so damned small it has some AWESOME power to make me feel like shit. 
5 weeks of constant nausea, barely eating anything still, and wondering just how a kumquat is supposed to grow healthily on a diet of...almost nothing 😢.

Ah well. I'm sure Mother Nature has this sorted in some magical Mother Nature-y way. She usually has. 
On we go!

Baby, I'm sorry

Hello baby