11 weeks

11 weeks!

And, at last,  I CAN see a change. Tiny, but I feel it and see it.

Like a sort of tight 'presence' very low down. This could just mean I need the loo, of course....as basically I need to go every 20 minutes these days. Another joy of the first trimester.

Baby is now 1.5 inches long, "the size of a fig."
A FIG. Why a fig??! Again, why not something most people have ever seen, or which has a definite size??
Aaaanyway, its nearly fully formed, and tiny tooth buds are forming in the gums. Great. My nipples are looking forward to meeting THOSE one day soon. 

Sickness continues RELENTLESSLY, I'm hungry, I've lost weight (who does that in pregnancy??!) I'm exhausted, I'm working harder than ever ahead of launch day for Headcase and I just want to cry and cry and cry. 

BUT....first trimester is NEARLY over. And then hopefully, hopefully, it will get better. 

And maybe soon, I'll get those new pants I keep promising myself! 


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