A ray of sunshine

It's no secret here that I've been really struggling with first trimester nausea and sickness. And I mean REALLY badly. 

10 weeks in and I'm still sick all day, I don't want to eat anything, if I do I throw up, I have no energy to run, I cry a LOT, and I feel generally pretty damned low. 

And I feel really guilty for feeling so down, sad, depressed and miserable at what is supposed to be a happy time.

💥💥BUT!! Like a perfectly timed ray of SUNSHINE I got this lovely tag from @mamacates who posted to say she was enjoying reading my first book. Waaaah! :))

Called 'The Yummy Mummy's Survival Guide' (I WILL NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER SAY 'YUMMY MUMMY' AGAIN FROM NOW ON, OK???!!!) I wrote it 10 years ago, and it totally changed the face of parenting books - for the better, I hope.

Truth is, I always forget I write books - and that people read them, love them, and are helped by them.
So to get this totally unexpected 👍, lifted my low mood SO much.

We mums can be VERY good at doing ourselves down, forgetting the good we do, and only focussing on the things we fail at, the guilt and the self criticism.
This is NOT HELPFUL, people! And a little reminder of something good, was EXACTLY what I needed.
THANK YOU, Mamacates :))

Operation legs

Big baby love