Baby, I'm sorry

Week 10.

Concussion still spinning. Shoulder hurts like mad. I'm full of paracetamol, which I don't want to be taking but it's the only way to numb some of the shoulder pain.
Still can't eat, still being sick at least once a day. Still getting used to being off the antidepressants.
Still working crazy hard to launch the new business next week. 

And now, NOW.....I have a frickin' TOOTH ABSCESS!! The pain the pain the pain!! 😫😫So I'm now ALSO on antibiotics. Woohooo, this is great! 😱

My dear lovely baby, my darling Boombox, please please forgive me.
Forgive the drugs and the lack of food and the lack of sleep. I'm doing my best to grow you well, but life is throwing a whole bunch of epic shit my way and it's tough right now. 

We'll get there, together.
In the mean's the weekend, it's sunny 🌞and I'm flippin' well going to put a tiny yellow skirt on, get dosed up on painkillers and have a coffee with a friend.


The magic of creation

10 weeks