Big baby love

The best thing about having a baby 20 years after my first is having a 20-yr-old best friend to share Sunday coffee and pancakes with.


We haven't told her - or my other two grown-up babies - our Bump news yet, as we want to wait until we'll clear of the all-important 12-week watershed. 
But just knowing that they have a sibling on the way is enough for me to remember being pregnant with them all, and all the 1000s of amazing things we've done together over these years . . . and look forward to many many more. 

It also makes me cherish these moments with my older children more than EVER. It really does. 
So I sat with my eldest, had coffee and pancakes, chatted with her, and felt so very very very lucky have her, and her sister and brother, in my life. 

They are amazing people. We done good there. 

I just hope I can get this coffee down without being sick again!!

A ray of sunshine

Taking my time