Operation legs

I'm a jeans, T-shirt and trainers kind of girl, and very rarely wear dresses.
I just feel a bit... girly in them. 

But with my tummy JUST starting to swell a teeeeeeeeeny bit, and comfort being a priority when I'm feeling soooooo siiiiiiick, I've found a really really old dress I haven't worn for YEARS, and I reckon it's high time I stopped feeling so goddam awful and got dem legs out instead.

(I also rarely if ever take mirror selfies because...well they're pretty cringeable let's face it! But as I have no assistant to hand, zee mirror it is, baby.)

I might feel sick, grim and tearful, but I can bloody well TRY and feel a bit nicer, right??! Here goes. Operation CHEER UP 💪🙂

It worked within minutes. I even SMILED!

So if you're feeling down and shit and tired and sick, grab something you feel NICE in and bloody well wear it. Even if you're staying at home and nobody will see you. 
This is FOR YOU, honey, and nobody else. 


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