Taking my time

Being pregnant in my 40s is TOTALLY different to when I was pregnant in my 20s in many, many ways.
And one of them is my conscious desire, and ability, to take time to STOP, and just appreciate something very simple and beautiful.

I used to rush about like mad everywhere, DOING things.
And burning out. SMART 👍

Also, to be honest, when you're pregnant at 23 you can pretty much keep firing on all cylinders until 40 weeks, going out, running about the place doing a million things and barely notice!
And that's exactly what I did. 

Not so much now. 
I know myself, I know my limits, I've suffered from anxiety, depression and then the total, horrendous nervous breakdown of 2 years ago, and I've learned a LOT about how important it is to just....take a minute and do a nice little thing. And appreciate it. 🙏🏻

I popped out to my garden earlier to pick these flowers, put them in a little cracked vase I've had for years, and just create a tiny moment and place of pretty, silly, pink flowery happiness in the corner of one room.

And frankly, if that makes the nausea and tooth pain and better, and makes this PREGNANCY feel better, then it's worth it.
And it did 🌺❤️🙂

Big baby love

The magic of creation