OK, so....there has been quite a PAUSE since my last post. Ahem. 
I mean....a LONG pause!

This is not because I've been sitting on my pregnant bum, twiddling my pregnant fingers and fiddling about with my pregnant hair, but because this baby seems to have decided that it's not going to give her mummy an easy ride of this pregnancy!

From about week 17 I've been having strong abdominal contractions, very similar to Braxton Hicks contractions of pre or early labour, and these have just gone on and on and on and on, to the point where we eventually had to go into the hospital and....well...it's been pretty scary recently. 

Click the video link below (or the photo above) for a 60-second summary of where I'm at now:



Now that I've decided to stop worrying about making everything PRETTY and IN ORDER and Insta-flipping-perfect, I'm just going to get back to posting things as and when I want, and getting back on to of this blogging lark. 

I have LOTS to tell you!
It just might not come quite in the order I had intended. 
But that's pregnant for you - it just goes how it goes!

Thank you for all the lovely lovely messages you've sent me via all social media channels, through what has been such a hard few months. 
Lots of news and updates to come.

Meantime...this baby had better STAY PUT AND KEEP COOKING!!


Yes, you are a VIP. (Very Important Pregnant person)

11 weeks