Yes, you are a VIP. (Very Important Pregnant person)

One of the many things I promised myself I would do in this 4th pregnancy, was ENJOY it. Well, in as much as one can enjoy feeling like crap for 9 months and then not sleeping for a year. Y'know....

It may very well be my last one, and having done three pregnancies in my chaotic, young, skint, ‘looking after 3 kids under 5 while working full time with no childcare’ 20s, burned out several times and then had various bouts of mental health crashes caused by overdoing it on all fronts - what a Superhero, eh? Genius - I've learned the importance of actually looking after ourselves - so I thought I’d try this time to….treat myself a little more kindly.

And this includes being nice to my skin, my body…and my wardrobe.
Just a few little treats to make me feel a little bit special, rather than loafing about in stretched, stained leggings and a baggy old T-shirt I picked up on a gap year in Bali.

Maternity wear used to terrify me, largely (so to speak, hoho) because when I had my last three children the choice out there was abysmal. Women had the awesome choice between looking like a transit van or a misshapen whale.
Weirdly enough, neither appealed to me much. So I never bought any. 

But ohhhhhh, how things have changed in the intervening 20 years!
The choice of maternity wear, products to help us care for our skin, diet and general wellbeing are sooooooo beautiful, it’s almost worth going through 9 months of nausea and vomiting for. ALMOST.

It doesn’t take much, but just a couple of wardrobe basics to make you feel comfortable and more like YOURSELF, a few lovely creams and lotions to create the very welcome illusion that you might have miraculously popped into a spa for a minute, rather than just running from school run to supermarket to overdue work deadlines like a headless, swollen chicken can make ALL the difference when you’re feeling sick, exhausted, and like a walking haemorrhoid.

It is SO worth it. And we bloody deserve it.


So here’s something to know about:

JoJo Maman Bébé, which has been around for over 20 years and is one of the best places to get maternity wear both online and on the High Street, are having VIP events in a selection of their stores until 1st October.

If, like me, you find walking into new places a bit daunting and you don’t know where to even start looking, then these events are ACE because you can book a 30-minute in-store session where you’re basically looked after and helped. We LIKE this.
They’ll help you with a bra fitting, a look through their maternity and nursing ranges, product demonstrations, advice on the key items you’ll need, and you also get 15% off any booty you buy on the day.

Oh AND….you get a goody bag - A GOODY BAG! WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOODY BAG?? – stuffed with lovely things to make you feel goooooooood.

Oh, and you also get entered into a competition thingy to win a MamaMio Pregnancy Saviours Kit, which, truly, I can tell you are the BEST maternity skincare products I’ve used. I use them every single day to keep my bump and boobs moisturized and smooooooth, and it's a calming evening ritual of smearing and massaging that I (and I think my baby) absolutely love. And I ain’t got no stretch marks yet, so maybe they're working...

So get online and book yourself in. Don’t do what I did the last three times, and just endure pregnancy as if it's all all ALL about the baby, without giving YOURSELF some care and love too.
It’s also about YOU, the mummy, growing this amazing human inside you. And shit-tons of research says that the happier mummy is, the happier baby is. 

Treat yourself. Make it as nice as it can be. Get all the advice and information you can. Buy some cute baby socks and stroke them, to take your mind of the fact that you're about to be sick again. Smear your belly with delicious-smelling goop. BREATHE. 

And enjoy it.

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