Babymoon Plan B


As you may have noticed from the last's been a Rather Difficult Week. 

And, life being what it is, shit things come along like shit buses with shit seating and passengers who smell of shit. 
And thus it was that this happened:

We were SUPPOSED to be going away on a REALLY REALLY SPECIAL GET-AWAY, staying in a gorgeous golf spa hotel, at @galgormresort, which I was going to review for a magazine, on what would have been my first EVER babymoon.

A huge and long longed-for treat, and our last 2 days away together before πŸ‘ΆπŸ» comes and we wave goodbye to relaxing holidays for a decade! 
Having given birth three times and raised three teenagers, I'd say ONE baby moon might have been deserved. 

They have a pool. And a SPA. I was going to be max SPA-d out!!
I had this photo as my screensaver for a month. Probably. 

galgorm 2.jpg

I spent AGES planning this, and looking forward to it through all the sickness, worry etc. and had planned it all to be something my other half, who is a Very very Good Golfer could enjoy as much as me. 
Look. See? It looks NOT AT ALL SHIT, or like shit buses:

galgorm 5.jpg

BUT....(here it comes.....) because of all the Baby Scares of the last week, and the fact that I was told very definitely that I was NOT to go away, ANYWHERE, for the next little while....

we had to cancel it. 

Flights - gone
hotel - gone
golf - gone
spa - gone
dinner - gone. 
The one thing I was so looking forward to, and needed so so much after all the fear and pain....gone!!



I was absolutely gutted. 
But such is life. Nothing we can do, and quite honestly, the fact that our baby is still inside, and still OK, is all that matters. 
Cancelling a golf/spa break is SLIGHTLY more important that putting my baby's life at risk, I'd say. 

Determined to do something nice, and vaguely Spa-ISH, came up with Plan B:

I popped to Tiger and bought a mini golf set, subtly put some candles and massage oil in the living room, and thus - TA DAAAAAAAAA - recreated the, erm, luxury golf spa hotel vibe at home.

Home golf spa

One can hardly tell the difference, right??!...β›³οΈπŸ›πŸ‘

Happy Babymoon to us. 
Maybe we'll get that weekend away after Boombox is born. Because THAT will be relaxing....hahahahahahahaOHGOD. 

Bun emergency