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The Venice Diaries.

Everybody dreams of Venice. Right?
The most romantic city in the world, breath-taking beauty on every corner, Insta-perfect canals and bridges, and a giant Campari Spritz at sunset.
What’s not to love?!
With this question cunningly unanswered, and ignoring all the warnings of how maddeningly hard Venice is to live in from literally every source we turned to, we decided these people were quite clearly all incompetent fools, and we knew better.
So we packed our whole lives into a transit van and moved there. With a baby. And no work lined up. And no knowledge of Italian, or actual Venetian life.
This is the story of our Venetian adventure . . . and the millions of things we never expected to happen, but probably* should have. (*definitely)
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to up sticks and start a new life, raise a Venetian baby, learn to say ‘I’m sorry HOW MUCH is that coffee?’ in Italian, or you just fancy drooling over pretty pictures of shimmering canals and gondolas, these diaries are for you.
I really hope you enjoy them. See you soon for that Spritz.