All hail the Mumshine break

As I sit here and write this, I am currently in my 20th year of motherhood, with four children spanning 2 decades. The oldest two are at University, and their littlest sibling is 10th months old.

And it has just occurred to me that I’ve not had ONE decent night’s sleep for the whole of those twenty mothering years.


Not only that but with baby number four still being breastfed, and with no childcare, I haven’t had a single night out on my own with friends since I first found out I was pregnant….a year and a half ago.

Not ONE! I am party central, me.



Add to this the relentless exhaustion of looking after a baby and 3 older children, moving house and being the main breadwinner, and it might JUST be possible to see why I occasionally get a little….stressed, and mightperhapsbe in need of a bit of a break.

And some rest. (What’s that again??)

It would seem that I am not alone.

According to a recent study by OLIVER’S TRAVELS of 2000 mums of school-age kids,

83% said they could really do with some time away from being a Mum.

I hear you!

But while nearly half (42%) said they love the idea of a break to have some rest from the mummy duties,one in eight of us hasn’t had a break away from the kids for the last two years.

The top stress-causers for mums include our old friends

lack of sleep,

getting the kids ready for school on time,

and getting them to go to sleep at the end of the day.

Sound familiar??

Given that this happens every single day during term time, and stress levels are not exactly much lower during the holidays when kids need entertaining ALL day, it’s pretty easy to see why most mums out there have considered selling their kids on EBay for one chance to have a break!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bring on the Mumshine Break – a short trip away with friends to rest, recover and reset from all the daily mothering duties.

It doesn’t have to be far, or fancy; just a little bit of time AWAY, with friends, to get away from it all.

68% of mums asked who had taken a Mumshine break recently, said it had been crucial in maintaining their sanity against the pressures of being a modern mum.

That mental break is absolutely essential.

With my first three children I was far more relaxed about going away for a weekend and leaving them with grandparents. Partly I could, whereas this time I can’t. But maybe also because she is my last, I’m older and it all feels much more ‘last chance’ and precious, I’ve been terrible at having any Me Time at all.

And I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been the best way of doing things. Being this knackered and stressed does nobody any favours.

So I think I might take this survey as my cue to stop being such an exhausted old martyr, and remember than being kind to MYSELF, is also being kind to those around me.

Time for a little Mumshine Break, methinks.

Anyone for Italy? 😊