Welcome to our family home, in the most peaceful corner of Venice. 

We are a writer and photographer from the UK, and we moved here last year to allow me to write a few books, and to experience Venetian life in a way we couldn’t otherwise.
It’s been an incredible adventure so far!
From time to time we need to be away for work, to visit family and so on, and we’ve decided we’d like to make our apartment available to others to come and enjoy what we are so lucky to experience on a daily basis. 
It is very much our HOME, and not a ‘rental apartment’, so it contains our books, my beloved magazines, and also some children’s toys and games, all kitchen things, and a few little bathroom treats ;)
Below is a little summary of the apartment and surrounding area - hope you enjoy looking through it, and do get in touch if you’ like to come and have a Venetian adventure of your own :) 


Sant’Elena is one of the most beautiful, peaceful parts of Venice -

undiscovered by most visitors, it’s a piece of green, shaded Paradise that, once discovered, you’ll never want to leave and will return to time and time again . . . which is exactly why we moved here!

The apartment has two bedrooms, and can be rented as either with just one, or both.
There is also a new IKEA sofa-bed in the lounge, which can sleep another 2 people comfortably.
We do leave some of our belongings, e.g. clothing, toiletries and so on, in the flat, but there is plenty of space for all you’ll need to bring with you, for your stay.


Did you know Venice also has . . . miles of beautiful beaches?!

This is about 20 minutes from our front door, across on Lido.
It’s often flat-calm, but when the wind is up you can surf here (!) and there’s a beautiful golf course on Lido too, and 20 kms of road to cycle and run on.


Ideal as a writer’s retreat, to think, relax, stimulate your creativity or just get away from it all.

People rarely think of Venice as a place to bring children on holiday, but where we live it’s children’s HEAVEN - for toddlers as well as teens.
There are 3 playgrounds very close by, a huge sandy beach just one vaporetto stop away, there are no cars or canals to worry about, and several local cafés for that all-important GELATO!


From a family holiday to a romantic weekend getaway, a longer writing retreat or simply a chance to experience this unique City from the peace of your own home-from-home, there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this place. 
We are open to everything from a few days here and there, to as long as a month or two if you want to immerse yourself in the City for longer. Prices vary depending on number of people, length of stay, time of year and so on, so just send us your requirements below, and we’ll get back to you :)


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