From news stories and social commentary to paper reviews or red-hot debates, I love nothing more than warming small patches of TV sofas, while sporting entirely natural-looking hair.
Family life, education, psychology, your subject and I’m there.







I LOVE radio work and do frequent guest interviews for BBC Five 5, LBC radio 97.3, BBC London and most of the regional BBC radio stations, usually about the big family stories of the day, as well as newspaper reviews



I also do radio interviews for brand campaigns that I’m happy to support.

These have included Ikea, Sainsbury's, Microsoft, Disney, EE, XBOX, Avent,  Dettol, Huggies, and many more. 



I've done voice-over work for a wide range of clients, in various styles and voices.
I speak fluent French and German, basic Czech and Italian, and my impression of a stressed Spanish fashion designer is second-to-nada.

To book me for voice-overs or radio adverts, please contact London Voice Over. They’re very nice, and they have biscuits.
(Though you might not get any over the phone, ’tis true.)