“Indispensable and hilarious* notes on midlife (*possibly)
Good news: this is not a book about parenting. There are already 1.3 billion of those, and the main thrust is, ‘don't be a shit parent; be a good parent.'
Instead, it’s a book about US. You and me. The knackered humans, flailing about in the Middle Years when our babies have grown up and everything has gone a bit...tits down…
Because one day, deep in the crusty elbow-skin of midlife family chaos, listening to my teenagers’ doors slamming, fielding yet more unpaid bills and missed work deadlines, and realising my sex appeal was now more of a Blue Peter crisis fund, and I suddenly thought…
Excuse me, but WHAT THE F**K IS THIS??
It’s the book I wish someone had written for me years ago – it would’ve saved a LOT of wrinkles, vodka and therapy bills. Cheers for that, everyone.”

To get your sanity-saving guide to the middle years of family life, click here, and choose what you’d like.
THANK YOU! I hope you’ll love it. x


I write features for anyone who pays me, and a few people who don’t, mainly about family life and travel, but also sport, and mental health.

A few examples are here, though by far the majority of my published articles are not available online any more.
You’re welcome.


My first books were international best-sellers about family life and trying to survive it.

I’m now working on my 4th book, “Lifeshambles - when the kids grow up and everything goes tits down, available to pre-order HERE!!:

I’m also starting my first novel. Pray for me.

Oh, and a book about food and travel, in no particular order, but both, I hope, deliciously.


I’ve been a national weekly columnist for both magazines and newspapers, including:

The Telegraph - Three Teens and a Baby.
A national broadsheet weekly column about becoming a mother again at 43, following a 15-year gap after my last three children.
Funny, sad, moving, all entirely true, unfortunately.

Boundless Magazine - Another Life
Funny, true account of my adventures when moving from the UK to Italy, with a 10-month-old baby.

Essentials Magazine - No, It’s Not Just You

A fun, honest back-page monthly column about Those Things We All Do But Nobody Really Talks About…so I do.

Cambridge News - Dear Parenting Guru
Spoof parenting agony aunt column. Very funny. All totally untrue. - UK parenting spokesperson and columnist.

And more.



Hotel, restaurant and café reviews, coming soon . . .