"I always know I can rely on Liz to deliver bang-on copy, to fit my deadline and brief. 
She’s saved me many times.”

Commissioning editor, Grazia magazine


There have never been more words published than there are today.
And there has never been more badly-written copy!

In such a sea of words, getting them right has never been more important. In business I believe it’s better to write nothing, than to write it badly.
And best of all, is to write it perfectly - in whatever way your name, brand or company requires.

Getting your message across the way you need it to is vital to a business, and as a writer I love nothing more than making this happen.

Whether it's a press release, website copy, company newsletters, online blogs, conference or event material, a short social media post or even an invitation to an event, if you want me to whip YOUR words into shape, improve your website copy, work with you on improving your brand's identity or write fresh, quick copy for you, just drop me a line. 

I do for words what a photographic filter does for pictures; however you want it to read, I’ll write to that brief.
I can crop, enlarge, add what ever tone or style is right for you, from punchy to gently persuasive, funny to corporate - though I always believe even corporate material can have some humour in it too!
I can also advise on what tone I think might fit your clientèle best, and can not only write in my native English
, but also translate from French, German and Italian.

I especially like working with businesses abroad, to make the English language used across all their material perfect for their needs.
FAR too often it reads like dated, even error-filled Google-translate, which is terrible for business. And there’s a very easy way to make it better - let me do it for you!
Here are the words of some people who have already done exactly that :


Palazzina Grassi, Venice: 
"Liz copyedited the whole of our website in English to a very tight deadline ahead of the Venice Film Festival, and did a fantastic job. It's shorter, sharper, and perfectly on-brand. We will keep working with her in the future!"



Design Hotel Alexandra, Copenhagen: "When it comes editorial work there are loads of them that talk a good game, but Liz is the real deal; she really helped us to make it happen in a fast and professional way.
I am so happy with her work and can now see how much better our website is now! I am sure Liz's work will engage more guests to book with us, and that is what is all it about.”

“In the media we often need copy NOW. Liz’s ability to pick up a news hook and run with it to create fast, excellent copy, is second to none. If I need results, I go to her.” - Producer, ITV news. 

“Liz cuts to the chase, identifies the needs of our clients immediately, and delivers every time. Exactly what we need in PR and marketing. We love working with her.” Brand manager, Ketchum PR

Hotel Sant'Elena, Venice: “Liz works extremely fast and professionally. She made great improvements to our hotel’s website copy, in English. This will be very useful to our International guests, and we hope will help to improve our business. She was a delight to work with and we highly recommend her.” 


“I’ll never know how Liz writes as fast as she does; I’ve barely sent her the brief and her perfectly polished, client-ready copy comes flying back into my inbox. I think her keyboard must sometimes be on fire!” - Campaign director, Unilever

“With Liz, ‘first draft’ always means ‘final draft’ . Word-and-tone perfect, I never need to correct a thing. She’s a dream to work with." Features editor, Glamour magazine

"I always know I can rely on Liz to deliver bang-on copy, to fit my deadline and brief. She’s saved me many times.”
Commissioning editor, Grazia magazine. 

"So helpful, you make my job very easy - thank you ever so much Liz!"
Producer, BBC News.

“Liz is one of those rare writers who is able to write beautifully, naturally and convincingly in many different voices and styles; whether it’s hilarious or tear-jerking, punchy or more prosey, she has complete command of language and writes utterly compellingly, and honestly. I know I can ask her for any piece of writing, and she’ll deliver it.” - Features editor, Telegraph. 

"Thanks again for all your wonderful work on our website. You are a delight to work with and you've improved our site, and its engagement, so much." Head of PR, luxury family hotels.