Liz Fraser is one of the UK's best-known writers and broadcasters on all aspects of modern family life,
a social commentator, public speaker, brand and media consultant, and creator of the mental health-blitzing platform Headcase.

She has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, and four children, spanning a slightly terrifying 20 years. 

Liz appears almost daily on national television and radio, and has written features for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Red, Grazia, Glamour, The Daily Mail, Mother and Baby, Marie Claire, Junior, Woman, Runner's World, Woman, and many others.

Her internationally best-selling books re-moulded parenting forever, by finally allowing it to be very funny, and accepting that we all get most of it wrong – which is just as it should be.

Liz has a huge interest in mental health, and created Headcase to completely rebrand and demystify the mental health issues faced by millions of normal people every day. 

She also gives talks, hosts events and fronts campaigns for everything from global brand launches to Literary Festivals, FB Live broadcasts and Students' Unions, and has written and performed a full run of solo stand-up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Liz  can spot a typo or grammatical glitch from 10 miles away, and her razor-sharp copy-editing and copy-writing skills enable her to create perfect, beautiful copy that hits the spot for any client, no matter what the brief or deadline. 
With her 20 years of experience representing brands for media campaigns, she is highly skilled in helping companies or brands improve their online presence and identity, and engage with their client-base more effectively. 

A keen traveller with a multi-cultural up-bringing, Liz speaks fluent French and German, likes to hand-wave her way through Italian, Czech and Spanish, and is a competitive 5km, 10km and half marathon runner - though her knees and geriatric pelvic floor muscles are no longer quite so keen on this.